Active Physiotherapy Solutions is now offering Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will work with your therapist to devise an exercise program that best suits your needs while accommodating for your injury. All of our trainers have experience in the rehabilitation field. We are here to motivate, educate and support individuals as they transition from obtaining their rehabilitation goals to their individualized fitness goals.

Programs by a Active Physiotherapy Solutions Personal Trainer can include:
• Strengthening for muscle imbalances/weaknesses
• Injury prevention conditioning
• Sport specific strengthening program
• Supervision with post-op exercise
• Core strengthening
• Weight loss
• Improve overall fitness
• Work hardening
• Posture correction exercises

Our personal trainers will start each new client on their journey with a fitness assessment to determine their baseline measures. This assessment is an opportunity for the trainer and yourself to sit down and determine your achievable fitness goals.

Once we have set your goals, we will help you develop a realistic plan on how to work towards achieving those goals. Your fitness journey will be entirely unique to your abilities and fitness level. We take great value and pride in creating a personalized program adapted to you to help achieve your goals.


729 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON