Physiotherapists work one on one with individuals to break down the barriers preventing physical function. We work with clients pre and post surgery, help people come back from illness and chronic disease, injury and age related conditions.


• Jonathan Jenney -
  Owner & Physiotherapist
• Rob McLaren -
  Clinic Manager & Physiotherapist
• Kaley Powers -
  Physiotherapy Resident
• Jenna Zwambag -
  Physiotherapy Resident
Physiotherapy Assistants

• Maria Petrik - Physiotherapy Assistant
• Alisia Pavey - Physiotherapy Assistant
• Lacey Bucholtz - Physiotherapy Assistant

• Wendy Joy - Clinic Administrator
• Karen Matthews - Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Jenney, Hons Bsc(Kin), MPT
Registered Physiotherapist

Jonathan Jenney is a registered physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. Along with Melanie, his wife, he is the owner of Active Physiotherapy Solutions and the Woodstock Physiotherapy Clinic.

He completed his Bachelor of Science - Physiotherapy in 2000 at the University of Toronto. Prior to obtaining his Physiotherapy degree he attended the University of Western Ontario where he received an undergraduate degree in Honors Physical Education with a focus in Sports Injuries and a Bachelor of Education.

After completing his physiotherapy degree, he worked for a short period of time at a physiotherapy clinic in his home town of Tillsonburg. He then worked for 6 years as a partner in another physiotherapy clinic in Woodstock. In 2006, Jonathan, along with Melanie, opened Active Physiotherapy Solutions in Woodstock which continues to grow to this day. In 2014, they purchased the Woodstock Physiotherapy Clinic which was the original private physiotherapy clinic in Woodstock, established 20 years ago.

Away from the clinics, Jonathan enjoys spending quality time with Melanie and his two children, Kira and Nathan. If not at a dance studio, hockey arena or on a soccer pitch, Jonathan can be found with his family camping, playing various sports activities or relaxing with family and friends.

Jonathan is passionate about our mission statement which is to provide professional, knowledgeable and compassionate care. He will continue to provide the residents of Woodstock and the surrounding area with the high level of care they deserve.

Rob McLaren, Hons BKin, MSc PT
Registered Physiotherapist
Clinic Manager

Rob graduated from Brock University in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology followed by a Master's of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University in 2011. Rob has continued to further his education and also holds certifications in Anatomical Acupuncture and Dry-Needling, Manual Therapy, and Soft Tissue Release Therapy. Rob takes great value in constantly updating his knowledge and skill level in order to give his clients the relief and positive outcomes they pursue after being injured. His most recent certification is through the FITforeGolfTM Institute. FITforeGolfTM is a research-based golf rehabilitation program designed to incorporate the latest developments in science and sports medicine.
Rob draws on his many years of experience of playing high-level sports and athletics to help his clients achieve their highest level of function after experiencing an injury. He believes in using a combination of hands-on techniques and functional, purpose-driven exercises while treating his clients. Rob is eager to help clients of all ages and abilities and has a special interest in hockey, baseball, and golf-specific injuries.

Kaley Powers, Hons BSc. (Kin), MSc Kin, MSc PT
Registered Physiotherapist

Kaley graduated in 2011 with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Wilfrid Laurier University. Kaley then turned her attention to research and decided to complete her Master of Science degree in Kinesiology from Laurier in 2013. For her research thesis, Kaley decided to focus on the biomechanics of balance and gait as well as the neurophysiological changes that occur post-sport concussion. Kaley continued to develop and progress her research on concussions over the next year and eventually became interested in the rehabilitation side of concussions. This decision ultimately led Kaley in her pursuit of a career in physiotherapy. She graduated from McMaster University with a Master of Physiotherapy degree in 2016. To date, Kaley continues to further her education by taking courses in concussion and neck injury management. In the upcoming year, Kaley intends to become certified in anatomical acupuncture and vestibular rehabilitation.

When she is not in the clinic, Kaley enjoys playing hockey among many other sports. After years of playing varsity hockey and rugby, Kaley utilizes her experiences to bring the best out of her clients. She uses a combination of manual therapy and goal-specific exercises to maximize outcomes. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, with a strong interest in neuro-rehab.

Alisia Pavey
Physiotherapy Assistant

Alisia joined our team in the summer of 2014 as a Physiotherapy Assistant, having graduated from a Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Program at triOS College. Alisia has previous experience assisting seniors in long term care and home care with their physiotherapy needs. Alisia's caring personality and her ability to motivate our patients helps them to achieve their treatment objectives. Alisia's goal is to ensure each client has a positive experience during their rehabilitation, and a safe and confident return to activity.

Wendy Joy - Clinic Administrator

Wendy calls on her many years of customer service and business experience to provide clients and staff with a warm and welcoming clinic experience. She cheerfully provides general management to the clinic including staff supervision, office operations, and client relations.

Maria Petrik - Physiotherapy Assistant

Maria is our full time Physiotherapy Assistant, graduated from the Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Program at triOS College and is also Senior Fitness Instructor Certified. She assists the Physiotherapists in providing physical therapy treatments and administering a variety of modalities as well as instructing appropriate exercises. K-Taping and exercise prescription are two of her areas of interest. Maria's enthusiastic and upbeat personality helps our clients make the most of their rehabilitation efforts.

Karen Matthews - Administrative Assistant

Karen is our main point of contact in reception for all of our clients. With her cheerful disposition and kind words, she makes everyone's day a good one. Karen is the master of appointment booking, and manages to work around all client schedules to assist them in getting the rehabilitation that they need.


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